Second International Scientific Conference «Rasmir: Oriental Numismatics - 2012»

2 июля 2012 - Алексей Алёшин


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I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University

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Second International Scientific Conference

«Rasmir: Oriental Numismatics - 2012»


Dear colleagues,


The Conference will be held in Odessa in the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University during 9 - 11 August, 2012.

We invite experts in oriental numismatics, sphragistics (sigillography),  history, archeology and complementary sciences, researcherss and concerned enthusiasts.

It is planned to discuss the following topics:


·        Numismatics of the Islamic dynasties;

·        Numismatics of the pre-Islamic Middle Asia, Far East and India;·      

·        Numismatics of the Black Sea Basin countries and Crimea;

·        The history and archeology of East Europe in the context of numismatic materials.


It is expected that plenary reports and posters will be published as the Conference materials while the abstracts will be translated into English for a subsequent publication in the official  journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society.

In order to participate in the Conference, please fill the registration form placed below.

The Organizing Committee will contact you and help with all organizational matters.

Deadlines: registration and thesis – before July 27, 2012; texts of reports – before August 5, 2012.

Inquiries may be directed in writing to the Organizing Committee at or at


Requirements to Materials:

The volume is not to exceed 12,000 characters (not more than 4 A4 pages). Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt, spacing 1, margins - 2 cm on all sides, a footnote in parentheses (author’s name, year, pages), in e-form (e-mail in MS Word 2003, 1) file. Illustrations are accepted in JPEG (JPG), colour, resolution - at least 300 dpi). Maximum number of illustrations - 10.

Text files with abstracts should have the author’s name.

Presentation should be prepared using MS PowerPoint 2003 or higher or OpenOffice Impress.

File names with illustrations should contain the author’s name and number of illustrations, referred to in the text. After the text indicate the sources and bibliography in order of mentioning.

Languages of the Conference - Russian, English. If necessary, a translation into English will be provided (to be additionally agreed with the Organizing Committee).

The conference is expected to hold a round table discussion on collection of numismatic material, and establishment of a public association.

The Conference schedule will include: city tour, visits to the Arab Cultural Center,  Archaeological Museum and the Numismatic Museum.

The Conference participants might have a dinner party (at additional charge).

The Organizing Committee will assist all participants with arranging accommodation, as requested. It is possible to arrange accommodation for a longer period for the participants wishing to have a rest, including those with the families.

Additional activities, on which it is desirable to inform the Organizing Committee, are paid by the participants separately.

The organizing fee amount as well as precise information about the accommodation of the conference participants will be sent to you in the next newsletter by e-mail address provided during registration. It is equal to USD50 approximately.

We kindly request all authors who have prepared materials and reports to send them in along with the application for participation in the conference.

Visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine:

Citizens of many countries do not need visa for short visits to Ukraine (less than 90 days). The complete list of the countries and current regulations may be consulted at the official site of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign affairs ( ).


Organizing Committee



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